The Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork: What you need to know

The much speculated hard fork in the ethereum ecosystem, that was expected to roll out on 16th January, has been delayed. The core developers decided to delay the fork after ChainSecurity, a Switzerland based blockchain audit firm, found potential vulnerabilities in the code. They cited a ‘re-entrance attack’ as a potential threat, whereby a pair... Continue Reading →

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Top 12 Things for Hodlers to look forward to in 2019

The year 2018 proved to be quite polarizing for hodlers. The price of Bitcoin rose to a record of 20,000 USD before coming crashing down a little while after, losing more than 80% of its value. Most cryptocurrencies followed suit, giving rise to mixed emotions and opinions all-through 2018, from even the most seasoned investors.... Continue Reading →

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The Ultimate Guide to Crypto-backed Loans [Updated, October 2018]

The History and Functions of Banking The history of banking can be traced back to early civilizations, particularly after human beings transitioned from operating in isolated hunter-gatherer communities, to larger agricultural societies sometime after 12,000 BC. Before currencies were created, merchants and traders largely dealt in food grains and food cattle. This system is called... Continue Reading →

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Germany; Govt. consulting with industry experts for its National Blockchain Strategy

The EU might become the leader of the blockchain world in the coming future. With countries like Malta and Switzerland embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, other countries within the continent are also following suit. Last week, Luxemburg passed a bill providing a legal framework for securities issued over blockchains. In December 2018, the island nation... Continue Reading →

Japan: Country’s largest bank launching Blockchain payments network in 2020

While many countries around the world had previously taken a strong stance against cryptocurrencies (although many have, and are reconsidering their skepticism), a few countries acknowledged the benefits that distributed ledger technology in blockchain and cryptocurrencies could have on economies around the world. Among those few countries is Japan, with the most progressive regulatory climate... Continue Reading →

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