AT&T Eyes on Subscribers Social Media behaviour through Blockchain map

As per a patent filed on December 13, AT&T describes a system of monitoring a blockchain social history maps and titled it ‘Blockchain-Based Social Media History Maps‘.

The purpose of the patent is that the owners of the content would keep ownership of the information in the blockchain social media mapping service. Another benefit to the originators may be that the tweets and the posts they make will remain in the blockchain map even if they are deleted by the platform at large.

The system users can track microculture transactions such as a current trend in a particular place of the behavior of friends. This can offer a great value to industries such as e-commerce, targeted advertising, and marketing.

The document states:

“The social media history map platforms described herein may take advantage of the immutable and permanent nature of blockchain records to store, and provide access to, data representing online transactions that occur on multiple social media applications.”

It further mentioned:

“However, instead of passing ownership of blocks or data between users, a social media account owner maintains primary ownership of his or her online transaction data. What passes from the social media account owner to other users of the social media history map service, such as followers of the social media account owner, is a notion of elevated visibility rights.”

It’s quite possible to say that AT&T is a big blockchain believer. Earlier, the CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson, noted the blockchain technology as the most exciting technology, calling it “a game changer” technology.

The above news was taken from CoinTelegraph.

About AT&T:

AT&T is a U.S.-based multinational telecoms conglomerate. It’s the second largest mobile services provider and the leading provider of fixed phone services in the U.S.

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