Chileans to Now Pay Taxes on their Crypto Gains

According to, Chile's Internal Revenue Service(Servicio de Impuestos Internos, SII) have included crypto-assets as a form of revenue for taxpayers in Chile. The users must declare their profits with crypto in a form on their Annual Income Tax Returns, under "other own income and/or third-party income from companies that declare their effective income and do not... Continue Reading →

New Zealand Crypto Exchange ‘Cryptopia’ suffers a “Security Breach”

The first hack of 2019 for the Crypto community has broken out in just 2 weeks since the start of the year. New Zealand Crypto Exchange, Cryptopia announced on Twitter that they had 'suffered a security breach' on January 14th by posting a letter addressed to the Cryptopians. Investigations regarding the breach are being... Continue Reading →

Switzerland: Loosening Strings for Blockchain and Crypto Innovations

Switzerland has decided to loosen the strings for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency startups after announcing a new legislative approach to blockchain regulation.   Other News from Switzerland:  Switzerland: First Bitcoin-Cryptocurrency ETF with Ticker $HODL Approved Switzerland: Financial Services Firm Raises more than $100 Million to launch Crypto Bank Swiss Post and SwissCom have given Thumbs Up... Continue Reading →

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