How to Pick the Perfect Bitcoin Wallet?

It is imperative to carefully select a Bitcoin Wallet because this is where one's public and private keys reside. In a situation of the wallet getting compromised, all the bitcoins can be lost. One should not make random selections or take opinions from someone who may not have sufficient experience in this field. There are... Continue Reading →

Compelling Reasons to seek out Crypto-backed Loans

Introduction Crypto-backed loans are those that are collateralized by crypto assets which means that fiat money (usually US Dollars) are lent in exchange for Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether as security for payment. The procedure is very simple and the currency is transferred directly into borrowers' bank accounts or wallets. Usage These loans are very cost-effective... Continue Reading →

Are Cold Wallets Really Safe?

Cold storage is an offline wallet for personal storage of Bitcoins. The digital wallet is stored on a platform that isn't connected to the internet thus preventing cyber attacks or any such vulnerabilities. It is considered essential mainly due to its security precautions, especially when dealing with a large quantum of Bitcoins. The function of... Continue Reading →

Solving Hyperinflation by way of Cryptocurrency

What is Hyperinflation? Hyperinflation refers to a very high and rapidly increasing inflation leading to a continuous increase in prices, cost of goods and money supply. Some of the impacts are: Unprecedented increase in money supply which raises the prices of goods and services Diminishing value of the local currency Hoarding of essential commodities Political... Continue Reading →

What is a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Network?

A Peer-to-Peer network popularly known as the P2P network is initiated when 2 or more PCs (Personal Computers) are connected for sharing their resources through a common server. This could be in the form of: Ad-hoc connections like those available in a coffee shop Connection through a USB for file transfer A mini establishment running... Continue Reading →

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