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Airdrops and Bounties: Essential Tools for Traction

When it comes to crypto and blockchain firms, potential users will often come across two very significant terms, namely, “Airdrop” and “Bounty”. Airdrops and bounties are growth tactics used by firms (specifically by crypto and blockchain firms, pre and post-ICOs) to tap into community-generated traction. Traditionally, the word “Airdrop” corresponds to actual airdrops that were... Continue Reading →

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Everything you need to know about Crypto-cards [Updated, May 2019]

When humans first started settling and storing grain, the aspect of exchanging value became a prominent feature between societies, empires and civilizations. The first means of exchange happened through the barter system, where people exchanged commodities for commodities. Over time, however, it was apparent that exchanging commodities in large quantities was cumbersome and dangerous. Money... Continue Reading →

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The Ultimate Guide to Crypto-backed Loans [Updated, May 2019]

The History and Functions of Banking The history of banking can be traced back to early civilizations, particularly after human beings transitioned from operating in isolated hunter-gatherer communities, to larger agricultural societies sometime after 12,000 BC. Before currencies were created, merchants and traders largely dealt in food grains and food cattle. This system is called... Continue Reading →

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NASDAQ partners with CryptoCompare for a Cryptocurrency pricing product

Nasdaq, the world’s second-largest stock exchange, has partnered with CryptoCompate, a cryptocurrency data provider, to release a cryptocurrency pricing product targeted at institutional investors. Jointly, they have worked on a product titled, “Nasdaq/CryptoCompare Aggregate Crypto Reference Prices,” which will be made available on the NASDAQ-owned platform, Qandl. Qandl reportedly provides financial and economic alternative datasets... Continue Reading →

IOTA: Promising or Polarizing?

The Internet of Things IoT stands for “The Internet of Things” and entails everything that is connected to the internet, but more broadly, it also signifies the communication between devices or machine-to-machine interaction. Early Iterations Ever since the industrial revolution, humans have largely reduced dependencies on labor-intensive modes of production by the use of machines... Continue Reading →

Privacy-centric Wallet, Samourai, has received $100,000 is its first round of funding

The team behind Samourai Wallet, a privacy-centric Bitcoin app, has received its first round of venture funding. Keonne Rodriguez and William Hill, founders of Samourai Wallet and former developers at, along with the wallet’s maintainer, Katana Cryptographic, received $100,000 in investment from Cyberpunk Holdings. The app was build for Android users and was specifically... Continue Reading →

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