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Everything you need to know about Crypto-cards [Updated, April 2019]

When humans first started settling and storing grain, the aspect of exchanging value became a prominent feature between societies, empires and civilizations. The first means of exchange happened through the barter system, where people exchanged commodities for commodities. Over time, however, it was apparent that exchanging commodities in large quantities was cumbersome and dangerous. Money... Continue Reading →

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The Ultimate Guide to Crypto-backed Loans [Updated, October 2018]

The History and Functions of Banking The history of banking can be traced back to early civilizations, particularly after human beings transitioned from operating in isolated hunter-gatherer communities, to larger agricultural societies sometime after 12,000 BC. Before currencies were created, merchants and traders largely dealt in food grains and food cattle. This system is called... Continue Reading →

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IMF and World Bank to study Crypto through Native Token

After UNICEF's initiative with blockchain, investing in 6 companies to develop blockchain solutions for global challenges, two more international organizations are considering the use of blockchain and crypto. The efforts of these two organizations will largely be concentrated on educating its members on the technology and the digital currency. According to an announcement made on... Continue Reading →

Jamaica: Principal Stock Exchange partners with Canadian Fintech Firm to enable Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions

Jamaica is the latest country slated to include Bitcoin into its principal stock exchange, the Jamaican Stock Exchange, further blurring the lines between crypto and mainstream assets. Boerse Stuttgard, Germany’s second largest stock exchange is expected to launch cryptocurrency exchange in the second quarter of 2019. Last year, Switzerland’s SIX group, the operator of the... Continue Reading →

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