Blockchain explained in 5 Levels of Difficulty

Bettina Warburg is an American entrepreneur, Blockchain researcher, and educator. She is the co-founder of Animal Ventures; a company that partners with experts to create, implement and invest in emergent technologies. The company also builds and invests in ventures that empower the decentralized economy.

Warburg is a political scientist by training whose philosophy entails the intersection of politics and technology.

Below is the concept of Blockchain broken down into 5 levels of difficulties, based on understanding.

How would you explain the concept of Blockchain to someone?

Let’s consider two contexts and three situations- and further group them into 5 levels of thinking, ranging from absolute beginner levels to expert levels of scrutiny.


The first context would be explaining the concept to someone who has a vague or no idea about Blockchain technology.

The second context would be engaging in a discussion with someone who’s an expert in, or has some idea about, Blockchain technology.


The first situation would be explaining Blockchain to someone who hasn’t ever heard of the concept in their lives.

The second situation would be explaining, in detail, and discussing Blockchain with people who have a vague idea or some knowledge about the technology.

The third situation would be engaging in a discussion with a field expert, and opening portals to new knowledge and information in the process.

Blockchain explained based on 5 levels of thought

Bettina Warburg explains the concept of Blockchain technology based on 5 levels of thinking; from the perspective of a child, a teenager, a college student, a grad student, and a field expert.

Level 1 – Child (Context 1, Situation 1)

In the first instance, Warburg is interacting with a child no more than 10 years of age. This is an instance where the child has no idea about trading, and Blockchain technology, whatsoever. Warburg uses simple terms to explain the concept to the child.

Level 2 – Teenager (Context 1, Situation 1)

In the second instance, Warburg explains Blockchain to a teenager, who understands the concept of trading but has no idea about Blockchain technology.

Level 3 – College Student (Context 1, Situation 2)

In the third instance, Warburg interacts with a college student who has vaguely heard of Blockchain technology but has no knowledge of the details.

Level 4 – Grad Student (Context 2, Situation 2)

In the fourth instance, Warburg interacts with a grad student who has a fairly good knowledge and understanding of Blockchain technology but is unsure of its exact scope and direction in the real world. The interaction is more of a discussion with Warburg explaining ideas to the student by bouncing off of his responses.

Level 5 – Expert (Context 2, Situation 3)

The fifth instance sees Warburg getting into a discussion with an expert in the field of Blockchain technology, who provides a technical breakdown along with the scope and depth of the field.

Watch the whole video below:

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