Branding China Group gearing up to integrate Blockchain technology into its portfolio

Considering the robust environment that blockchain infrastructure omits in domains of corporate governance, risk management, and financial reporting standards; Branding China Group, which is well known for its breakthrough marketing communications and technology solutions, is finally incorporating DLT into its next-generation technology platforms.

This initiative will set new benchmarks in corporate governance and move the world forward by unleashing the full potential of the blockchain ecosystem to transform tomorrow’s business aspects.

Ken Lo, Executive Director and CEO of the Hong Kong-listed BC Group stated that,

“We believe, we are at a point now where companies are embracing blockchain technology as a solution to some of their most complex business requirements.”

And continued,

“This requires improved corporate governance for us to set higher benchmarks in order to deliver transparency while enhancing efficiency across applications.”

About the company:

Branding China Group Limited, an investment holding company, provides integrated marketing communications services in China. The company operates through traditional advertising and business park area management segments and now, has evolved over time to offer a growing suite of products & services which now includes digital asset brokerage, trading platforms, and strategic advisory.

Current business locations are in Hong Kong and Shanghai with plans to open offices in Tokyo and Manila to support and serve their customers globally.

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