Why Exchanges have Two-Factor Authentication?

How important is security? The answer is obvious—it is extremely important. We take a lot of care while securing our possessions—both online and offline. Using a strong password, making sure the data is being sent to a trusted service provider, installing anti-virus softwares — these are usually the steps people take to make sure their... Continue Reading →

How to find out if a Company is just Leveraging the Blockchain Hype?

Since the bitcoin boom, cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. Soaring valuations, increasing trading volumes and widespread news has caused an unprecedented level of investment and speculation alike in the crypto space. However, despite the numerous potential attributes of the blockchain protocol, many cryptocurrencies and blockchain based companies have become synonymous with fraud in... Continue Reading →

KYC in Blockchain

We are living in an increasingly connected world. Digitization is essentially developing operational efficiency for businesses. An initiative has been started by the United Nations, called ‘ID2020’ with the intention of providing every single human on the planet with access to digital identity as a fundamental human right, by the year 2020. There has been... Continue Reading →

The Burst of the 2017 Bitcoin Bubble

The bitcoin bubble burst of 2017 was upbeat. It was the time before Christmas, 2017 when Bitcoin seemed unstoppable. Investors saw the digital currency boom and moved to Bitcoin hoping to gain maximum profit from its sudden popularity. But then, suddenly the storm came that burst the bubble of bitcoin that was developed until then. In... Continue Reading →

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