Denmark: Former Prime Minister joins Blockchain Identity Project Concordium

The former Secretary-General of NATO and former Prime Minister of Denmark. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has joined Concordium - a Danish identity-validating, regulatorily compliant blockchain network - as a strategic advisor. The chairman of Concordium, Lars Seier Christensen, said: “Given the enormous scope and far-reaching potential of the Concordium Network, it is essential for the Concordium... Continue Reading →

State of Massachusetts warming up to Blockchain Industry

As Western U.S. states embrace the blockchain revolution with even Congress inching closer towards crypto-friendly regulation, Massachusetts’ chief of securities has launched a new working group in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to clear up some of the murky regulation for blockchain innovators. Regulators in the state haven’t made it easy for blockchain entrepreneurs. Bitcoin and... Continue Reading →

Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg is considering the use of Blockchain Technology for data authorization and login on Facebook

Facebook’s CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg, expressed his interest in using blockchain technology for the data authorization in logins and account validation, during an interview on Feb. 20th with Jonathan Zittrain, a Law professor at Harvard. Zuckerberg quoted his promise made in a Facebook post in January where he stated that he was looking into... Continue Reading →

Germany; Govt. consulting with industry experts for its National Blockchain Strategy

The EU might become the leader of the blockchain world in the coming future. With countries like Malta and Switzerland embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, other countries within the continent are also following suit. Last week, Luxemburg passed a bill providing a legal framework for securities issued over blockchains. In December 2018, the island nation... Continue Reading →

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