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Core Developer quits Ethereum following backlash over a tweet

Afri Schoedon, one of the core developers of Ethereum, quit the network after a massive dispute erupted over a tweet by him which readers interpreted as him trying to sabotage Ethereum development in favor of third-party scaling solutions like Polkadot.

Schoedon shared a tweet with a popular meme template (Steven Crowder’s “Change My Mind”) with the words “POLKADOT DELIVERS WHAT SERENITY OUGHT TO BE – CHANGE MY MIND.” Schoedon shared the tweet on the EthTrader subreddit followed by cross-posting it on Ethereum’s main subreddit where Schoedon is the moderator.

Schoedon is intentionally sabotaging Ethereum development in favor of third-party scaling solutions like Polkadot, according to some members of the Ethereum subreddit.

Schoedon hasn’t contributed to Polkadot’s development. Most of his Ethereum work has been centered on Parity, an Ethereum client. The confusion is in regards to the Polkadot being a product of the same company. Schoedon was a paid contributor to Parity.

This might have been interpreted by the community as Schoedon developing an affinity for Polkadot. According to Schoedon, however, he was just trying to create a discussion.

In response to the reactions from dozens of people, Schoedon has decided to quit his work on Ethereum with intentions to work on other areas of technology.

Afri Schoedon was one of the core developers and the hard fork coordinator at Ethereum, and is the release manager at Parity. He was one of the champions of the EIP1234 protocol of the upcoming Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork, a protocol which seeks to reduce the block rewards from 3 blocks to 2 blocks. This means that miners will get 2 Ethers instead of 3 Ethers for every new block that is mined. The mining community isn’t especially happy with this protocol as it reduces mining rewards by ⅓.

This will be an interesting scenario for the Ethereum ecosystem, as the network is in a crucial stage of development given the recent and ongoing bullrun and upcoming hard fork.

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