Ex-President of Goldman Sachs to be advisor for Blockchain startup

Gary Cohn, the former Director of the US National Economic Council has taken up the role of an advisor for startup Spring Labs, a FinTech startup that uses Blockchain to revolutionize credit and identity services.

Cohn is already widely experienced in the Finance sector after serving as the President and Chief Operating Officer at Goldman Sachs for over ten years.

The Spring Labs venture will be his first major move since leaving the Trump administration. He joins a host of high-profile names in financial services, blockchain technologies and regulatory bodies on the advisory team.

Spring Labs is using Blockchain to create a distributed ledger to solve for transparency, security, and efficiency while exchanging credit and identity information. It also permits users to view information held about them without charge.

CEO, Adam Jiwan states that the company is not looking at ICO for fundraising. The current focus of the team is to work on creating an architecture for the network and driving adoption. In fact, the company has already raised nearly $15 million in seed funding.

Jiwan states that the role provided to Gary Cohn will be to help the company to develop a product that is regulatory compliant and to find means to market the product for users to adapt it.

Cohn himself says that he has been very interested in Blockchain technology for a long time, and would love to work with Spring Labs that can create necessary changes in the financial services sector.

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