Google has decided to scrap it’s ban on Bitcoin Ads

According to a CNBC report, Google has decided to remove its ban on Bitcoin ads. The world’s largest search engine is joining the biggest social network, Facebook, in scrapping a ban on advertisements for cryptocurrencies from October.

The removal of this ban will allow for regulated cryptocurrency exchanges to buy ads in the U.S. and Japan.

A wave of bullish predictions for the Bitcoin price, last week, compelled the tech giant to take a decision in terms of removing the ban on Bitcoin-related ads on its search engine pages.

The ban was originally adopted as a way for Google to get a handle on the countless high-profile scams bitcoin’s sudden surge in value created.

The countless number of high-profile scams due to Bitcoin’s sudden surge in value was the original reason for the ban imposed by Google.

The roll-back on the ban suggests Google’s belief that regulators around the world are making actual progress against crypto-criminals.

When the ban was originally issued by Google in June, ads for Bitcoin-related services sent the price of Bitcoin down by 10%. Bitcoin, as well as other major cryptocurrencies, are far lower than their all-time high values, recorded at the beginning of the year.

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