Hangzhou, China: Internet Court to use Blockchain to solve for Content Piracy

An Internet Court in Hangzhou, east China has looked towards blockchain technology to solve for piracy issues and safeguard a writer’s legal rights.

With this technology, writers can extract copies of their works in the cyberspace to use as evidence in court.

The current method used by writers for proofs of piracy are screenshots and downloaded content. But according to Wang Jiangqiao, a judge at the Internet court, these pieces of evidence are not credible enough.

He also mentioned that the process of hiring professional and talented lawyers is expensive and thus, puts a cost to seeking justice.

Wang said:

“Blockchain guarantees that data cannot be tampered, due to its decentralized and open distributed ledger technology. Therefore, all digital footprints stored in the judicial blockchain system — authorship, time of creation, content and evidence of infringement — have legal effect”

China has set up Internet courts in Hangzhou, Beijing and Guangzhou. Due to the booming online businesses and with a database of 800 million internet users, Internet courts have become a necessity in the country with the world’s largest population.

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