IBM and Seagate: Using Blockchain to fight against Counterfeit Hard Drives

IBM and Seagate have joined hands to fight the sale of counterfeit hard drives by using blockchain technology, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Nov. 8.

This product aims to help manufacturers, integrators, and business partners to better verify the authenticity of hard disk drives.

The two companies will work together by updating the IBM Blockchain Platform on the IBM Cloud with product authentication data based on Seagate’s security solution Seagate Secure Electronic ID (eID). The eID will create a unique identifier at the time of manufacturing, which can later be used to confirm the identity of the hard drive.

Seagate will also provide a solution called ‘Certified Erase.’ According to the company website, the product “employs cryptographic erasure technology to produce a digital certificate of data purge, which is electronically signed by the device under the Seagate Secure public key infrastructure (PKI) and stored on the blockchain for compliance management with emerging global data privacy laws”

The Hyperledger-powered distributed ledger framework that underpins IBM’s Blockchain Platform will be used for parties to add or edit blockchain data depending on their level of permission access.

Since the product will be blockchain-based, all entities – whether they be technology vendors, service providers, or end users – will have access to all records of the product’s provenance and life cycle.

The idea was created to ensure quality assurance for customers, thus reducing warranty costs and data losses, that occur due to counterfeit products.

The Global Managing Director of the Electronics industry of IBM, Bruce Anderson, remarked that:

“The ability to […] combine blockchain with advanced cryptographic product identification technology […] signals blockchain’s potential to reimagine the electronics product lifecycle management processes. Counterfeit electronics components are a global issue that requires an ecosystem-wide effort to address.”

IBM has been known for a long time for being involved on various blockchain projects, such that they now rank second in the world in terms of the number of blockchain-related patents filed to date, second only to China’s Alibaba.

Complete link to the original article can be found here on CoinTelegraph.

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