Juventus, the latest Football club, to adopt a Digital Fan Token

After Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Italian Giants, the club has decided to announce another major news, now in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Juventus FC will introduce the ‘Juventus Official Fan Token’ to connect its fans from all over the globe and create an intimate fan experience for them.

The token is being launched as part of a multi-year strategic partnership with blockchain platform Socios.com.

It will allow for a faster and easier mode of information-sharing between the club and the fans. The fans will be given access to an exclusive mobile voting and polling platform for their voices to be heard.

The Juventus Official Fan Token will only be available through Socios.com and will be tradeable against the platform’s native token, $CHZ.

Liverpool FC have already announced a partnership with TigerWit, a blockchain-based trading app. There are reports that other top-tier clubs, such as Tottenham Hotspurs and Paris Saint Germain, have also shown a keen interest in adopting blockchain-based platforms.

This is just another industry where the Blockchain technology is showing its impact. This is an evolving time for not just football, but for all sports, as well.

Read the full news article here on CCN.


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