Leaked images suggest eBay might be veering towards Cryptocurrency

If the details of new promotional adverts at the Consensus conference in New York are to be believed, eBay might be readying itself to support “virtual currencies” and “digital currencies”. The banners at the conference suggest that the e-commerce giant is about to enter the cryptocurrency arena which would result in a major mainstream breakthrough.

First leaked on the Telegram channel, @PatronsOfTheMoon, the images are yet to be confirmed by eBay. If these images turn out to be legitimate, cryptocurrencies as payments could be available 180 million active buyers.

The e-commerce platform might also have its eye on digital collectibles, made famous by Cryptokitties in late 2017. Digital collectibles were realized by Ethereum which offers a platform for unique digital assets.

There is no official statement from eBay about its crypto plans but the marketplace has been linked to the Bitcoin payments gateway, UTRUST.

Former eBay and PayPal executive, Sanja Kon, joined UTRUST as the VP of Global Partnerships in 2018. A partnership between UTRUST and eBay is widely being speculated as the only logical solution.

eBay might just be one of the many major companies tipping its head towards cryptocurrency. Starbucks and McDonalds are some big names in the fast-food world that are opening their doors to cryptocurrency as payments.

While the integration of cryptocurrency into the mainstream economy might still take some more time, blockchain technology is extensively being studied and used by major names like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Carrefour, and IBM among others.

This article was originally sourced from CCN.

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