LindaX: Ethereum Predecessor launches PoA Protocol to Deploy Over 180 Transactions per second

The token development platform enables utility token creation by tapping into the flaws of Ethereum with a faster and more secure Blockchain based on the PoA Protocol.

While modern enterprises and corporation around the world have the greatest interest in Blockchains, with ICO’s managing to raise more the $5.6 billion all through 2017; around 52% proved to be unsuccessful due to factors like weak business models, improper tokenomics, or unrealistic goals.

Ethereum has limitations that do not allow entrepreneurs or developers with the opportunity to reap the benefits of a fully decentralized network.

A lot of factors come in the way of building a transparent utility token with real chances of adoption, such as; security breaches, high gas fees, low transactional speed, and other technical requirements.

In order to streamline processes and enable businesses to issue secure utility tokens, with the absence of a universal Blockchain platform, Lindacoin launched the LindaX token development platform. The project promises to give Ethereum a run for its money.

LindaX will seek to tackle Ethereum’s weak spots using a proprietary blockchain that relies on a proof-of-identity (PoA) consensus algorithm to speed up transactions. LindaX starts at 179 transactions per second (and can go beyond), as opposed to Ethereum which can only handle 6 transactions per second.

Linda X’s main advantage is that it integrates a developer software system within its main chain to craft a dynamic environment for creating digital coins and DApps.

A varied set of commands and tools will comprise Linda X, those that enable users to merge regulations with the blockchain more efficiently.

For enterprises seeking to leverage the distributed-ledger technology (DLT) to launch a blockchain business in a secure and tamper-proof environment; the platform helps create the perfect infrastructure.

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