Malta PM Praises Blockchain in UN Speech

As the days pass by, Cryptocurrencies are just getting more and more accepted. Many Prime Ministers and renowned leaders have mentioned about how Crypto is taking over the world.

The latest in the strings of Blockchain praise is the Prime Minister of Malta.

During a U. N. speech held on the 27th of September, Joseph Muscat proclaimed that Malta will be one of the first nations to regulate the Blockchain technology.

After passing three bills regarding the promotion of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, many cryptocurrency firms like the Binance Exchange has moved shop to the island. The Malta Stock Exchange had created several deals earlier in the year to create new marketplaces for tokenized securities.

Muscat mentioned in his speech: “Blockchain makes cryptocurrencies the inevitable future of money, more transparent since it helps filter good businesses from bad businesses.”

He proclaimed how the technology has its uses in fields such as medicine, humanitarian assistance, and even in corporations and governments.

Many other countries and jurisdictions are slowly working to adopt the Distributed Ledger Technology as well. Bermuda is hoping to draw more companies to its island by releasing a new set of rules and regulations to allow Initial Coin Offerings under certain conditions. A task force has also been set up to foster cryptocurrency commerce.

Earlier this year, the European Union had also announced a closer set of regulations to support the growth of cryptocurrencies.

It is definitely clear that the Distributed Ledger Technology is working its way to being a common form of technology in all companies. It is just a matter of time for all countries to adopt and adapt Blockchain.

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