Bitcoin Network: New Core Patch fixes Vulnerability to DDoS Attacks

The team at Bitcoin Core, yesterday, released a patch for a DDoS vulnerability that could destroy the Bitcoin network altogether.

Miners were urged by the patch note to shut down their older versions urgently and replace them with the new version, Bitcoin Core 0.16.3.

Hacked reported on the announcement first, which revealed that all the recent Bitcoin Core versions could be susceptible to Distribution Denial-of-Service attacks. Such an attack involves multiple compromised systems to flood a single system or network.

Perpetrators could launch a DDoS attack on a Bitcoin Network by flooding the block with duplicate transactions, resulting in the jamming of transaction confirmation of other people. Another method would be flooding the nodes on Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network, resulting in the over-utilization of bandwidth through malicious transaction relays.

A recent DDoS vulnerability, termed ‘CVE-2018-17144’, tried to attempt to flood the nodes of Bitcoin’s p2p network with traffic.

“The way the potential exploit could work was by allowing anyone who was capable of mining a sufficient number of proof of work blocks to crash Bitcoin Cores running software versions 0.14.0 to 0.16.2.”, Hacked reported.

Miners who occasionally run Bitcoin Core were not vulnerable to the attack, but developers recommended that all miners go ahead with the latest update to stay safe. The patch also fixed minor bugs related to consensus, RPC, invalid flag errors, and documentation.

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