Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service tie up with OriginTrail Network

Managing today’s supply chains is quite complex. This is has led to wide attention being diverted towards blockchain. In fact, it has the potential to increase the efficiency and transparency of supply chain management, and positively impact everything from warehousing to delivery and payment. Chain of command is essential for many things, and blockchain has the chain of command built in.

OriginTrail, the European-based IT firm known for traceability solutions, has announced a blockchain collaboration with Oracle Cloud service.

At Oracle Slovenia, Rajko Novak, Managing Director said:

“Oracle offers businesses an easy way to adopt blockchain and transform enterprises with the comprehensive and enterprise-grade blockchain platform. Integration with the OriginTrail network enables easier data sharing between companies along the supply chains, all based on distributed ledger technologies.”

He also added:

“Partnership with OriginTrail brings Oracle’s enterprise-grade technology closer to specific supply chain purpose. This enables us to extract more value out of data being exchanged in the multi-organizational environment.”

Speaking on the partnership with Oracle, OriginTrail’s Co-founder, Tomaz Levaks says

“There is a lot of value that can be captured from data sharing across supply chains. A partnership with OriginTrail will enable companies that are already using Oracle products and services to easily use OriginTrail’s solutions, and the easier integration of Oracle’s systems with various blockchains. We are immensely thrilled to work with a world leader to together tackle challenges resulting from an industry paradigm shift from traditional databases to distributed ledger technologies”

Link to the original article can be found here.

About OriginTrail:
OriginTrail is a trustless, blockchain-based protocol network that allows for the sharing, uploading and storage of data. OriginTrail (TRAC) builds its protocol to meet the industry standards necessary for data sharing in supply chains such as IoT and GS1.

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