OwlTing: Blockchain Technology to Fight Food-borne Illnesses

A former Google employee and father of a two-year-old son, Darren Wang, realized the growing concerns regarding data and information storage of mass-produced dairy and food products which have had instances of food contamination. This aspect has caused widespread illnesses throughout Taiwan. In 2008, a baby milk formula scandal happened where expired or spoiled formula was mass distributed leading to thousands of infants being admitted into medical care- of which, seven infants died.

OwlTing, created by Darren Wang in 2017, is an e-commerce platform that recently opened offices in the U.S. The company focuses on providing safer products sourced directly from local farmers. The system is backed by blockchain technology by enabling tracking of food products throughout their production life-cycle.

“Consumers are increasingly demanding to know where their purchases come from and how they are made. That is why we have built our provenance system on blockchain technology, to showcase your product’s story from origin to purchase,” says Nick Ost, Director of Marketing for OwlTing USA.

Wang explained that he wanted to build a blockchain system for farming and agricultural units in order to track and increase transparency in the food processing sector. He further explained that one could scan the QR code on a packet of pork where a consumer would be allowed to access information regarding the pig’s date of birth, time of slaughter, chemical treatments and related processes.

This solves for a particular problem prevalent in the traditional food supply chain- wherein the absence of blockchain, the ability to track any information regarding a particular shipment of a particular food item would take consumers anywhere between five and six days.

With the implementation of blockchain technology; consumers, safety managers or authorities can access any data on a particular food item in less than two minutes.

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