Rise to use Artificial Intelligence in the Crypto Markets

Rise, a FinTech company is working to eliminate the volatility of cryptocurrencies by adapting its artificial intelligence (AI) trading technology to the crypto markets. This will let users manage their investments and trade across dozens of exchanges.

Since its launch, Rise claims its technology has been “proven to outperform major markets.”

The German-based firm which began in 2012 has been using its algorithms to solve for issues in the stock markets, forex, precious metals, and other commodities. The company’s products are available for all companies – big or small. These include hedge funds, insurance companies, large conglomerates, and financial institutions.

Rise now has more than $50 million in committed assets under management.

Entering the Crypto Market

The company is now looking to move into the crypto market without charging high fees for its products. Its whitepaper states: “The playing field is being leveled for all who join Rise, as well as bolstering the cryptocurrency market itself with data-driven investment strategies that are free of emotional human bias, ignore hype, and avoid the pump-and-dump marketing or boom-and-bust cycles that inevitably bring unnecessary risk to the market.”

They claim that they have a long-term team of mathematicians, AI specialists, ex-professional traders, and crypto experts that can help them achieve their latest goal.

They believe that the time is reducing for traders who are looking to profit from the cryptocurrency market and that the sector will soon resemble that of a traditional market, where the gains can only be obtained by a small wealthy population.

Working of the Format

The firm is set to launch its Rise token, which will mark its entrance into the ecosystem. Token holders will be able to share 20 percent of the revenues that Rise accrues by licensing its technology to banks and third-party funds. Users will also directly receive returns on a quarterly basis generated by the Rise algorithms. It also plans to offer margin trading schemes to increase the investing power of the token holders.

The private presale of the Rise tokens has already begun. Started on 1st Sept., it will go on till the end of this month. A public sale will take place throughout November in three stages. Following the end of the security token offering (STO), a full version of the Rise app – complete with all trading features – is set to launch in the first quarter of 2019.

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