Samourai Wallet: Fiat Values Removed In Favor Of Satoshis

A new app update was released by Samourai Wallet on September 28 which removes fiat values for wallet balances and transactions fees. Only Satoshis (sat), the smallest unit of bitcoin, for all values, will be shown by the wallet.

The decision came as a means of clearing the confusion surrounding the role of fiat currency in the bitcoin economy. Drawing attention to the fact that users are transacting with the token native to the bitcoin network, BTC, and nothing else; is the goal of the new app update.

Samourai’s main goal has been to focus on bitcoin as a payment utility for merchants and customers. The switch to satoshis as the core unit of measurement backs up this belief, even though it could be a shock to users.

The main goal of Samourai has been to project bitcoin as a payment utility for merchants and customers. Even though it could be a shock to users, the belief is backed up by the switch to satoshis.

The move could possibly be considered as being too early, keeping in mind the current stage of cryptocurrencies. Samourai’s update could spell the start of a larger effort to separate bitcoin distinctly from fiat currencies. It is one of the first to switch to satoshi-only measurements.

Samourai Wallet is an open-source app that was launched in 2015. It is a privacy-centric wallet with the mission to keep users’ transactions private and identities masked.

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