SBI Holdings: Vctrade, Brand New Crypto Exchange Entry into Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Vctrade, a Japanese crypto exchange backed by financial giant SBI Holdings has disclosed that it has opened the door for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) deposits as press release published on Dec. 21.

The feature has already gone live and can be made use of by any customer who is currently subscribed to the platform. Through this initiative, SBI expects to welcome more than 23 million people on the platform and announced,

“At the launch of full-scale services, expecting customer inflow from the SBI Group’s customer base of 23.47 million, specifically, SBI SECURITIES with approx. 4.26 million accounts, SBI Sumishin Net Bank with approx. 3.21 million accounts, and SBI Liquidity Market, including SBI FXTRADE, with approx. 1.05 million accounts, etc.”

They also added,

“Via mutual collaborations between business ecosystems, they’ll be developing a seamless environment between existing financial ecosystem companies.”

Rolling the high expectations on the new exchange, Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI Holdings stated that,

“When we do it, it will be number one in the blink of an eye so quickly. So even if a tremendous number of customers come, we can build a system that can bear. We have to pursue safety thoroughly.”

These initiatives make SBI Holdings the most active player from legacy finance industry in the crypto industry. Now it will be interesting to see which hardware wallet is chosen (or launched) by the company for use with its Vctrade exchange.


VCTRADE is a new cryptocurrency platform that has been designed by banking consortium ‘SBI Holdings’. The entity was launched earlier this year in June amidst a lot of hype that it was the first major exchange to start accepting Ripple’s XRP coin offering.

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