Sexual Assault Victim benefits by Crowdfunding using Crypto

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies increases day-by-day, more fields of use are being discovered. In this latest news, crypto can be seen as a means of helping women gain financial aid after suffering sexual harassment or assault.

Recently, a sexual assault survivor had used the crypto-powered crowdfunding platform, Seeds, to receive $500 in September after undergoing a trauma that made it difficult for her to work for many months.

The advantage that Seeds provided was the concealing of her identity which other crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundme couldn’t provide due to the importance of an ID-proof.

The only person who knew the identity of the victim was the CEO of Seeds, Rachel Cook.

Cook had gifted her a token to post a ‘Request for Help’ on around 30 apps that use Seeds’ free front-end tools. She waived all fees that would have otherwise been split between the app developers and Seeds.

Rachel Cook told CoinDesk:

“Survivors have trouble giving themselves permission to ask for money. The next logical extension I saw in that [#metoo] was we need to talk about how this economic [crypto] system can meet this need… We have to let people know that this is available and that people can use it without feeling uncomfortable…We want to fill that gap.”

The survivor later redeemed the token using the startup’s web portal via Paypal. Although Paypal requires the identity of the person, there was no information connected to the Seeds’ account.

This victim wasn’t the first survivor who used the cryptocurrency platform to raise funds for their living. There have been reports from women ranging from various countries who have used other areas of cryptocurrencies to earn money.

Rachel Cook is working to spread the word and the use of crypto to people interested in the space, but reluctant to try.

Link to the original news article can be found here by CoinDesk.

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