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Swiss startup introduces the world’s first blockchain-powered smartphone – Finney

In an era of passing through technological advancements, the time has come to integrate the communication sector with a blockchain ledger to attain the next level of security and democratize the way we do business.

Switzerland-based smartphone developer Sirin Labs has collaborated with Foxconn, the same manufacturer for Apple, to take the ‘blockchain step’ and unveil the blockchain-enabled mobile phone – Finney.

(Fun Fact: FINNEY is named after Hal Finney, the first known person to have made a Bitcoin transaction)

The operating system(OS) powering FINNEY is a fork of Android called SirinOS, which integrates blockchain capabilities and a dApp marketplace in addition to the traditional Google Play Store.

The phone is designed in such a way that it utilizes blockchain technology at its core and enables users to run decentralized applications(dApps), secure transactions and store cryptocurrencies. The phone also features a cold-storage cryptocurrency wallet with a physical security switch for protection.

It also features encrypted communication through calls and texts to make it the most secure phone for blockchain and crypto users.

At the product launch, Sirin Labs co-founder and co-CEO Moshe Hogeg said,

“It is with great pleasure that we are today unveiling to the world the first blockchain smartphone, brought to you by one ambitious startup that was able to bring an idea to mass production in less than a year,”

And continued,

“We are now proudly selling a flagship device that offers the user experience we have envisioned for our Sirin OS. We are taking a huge step forward in bridging the gap between the blockchain economy and the consumer market. Finney is the mobile and truly secure experience crypto holders have been longing for.”

Highlighting the core feature of the phone, Kenes Rakishev, chairman of Sirin Labs said,

“In an increasingly insecure digital world, where hackers in all corners of the globe are out to steal whatever they can, consumers need a product that gives them confidence their data is safe,”

And added,

“With no solution available until now, many crypto users took a step back to a more primitive time and were using pen and paper to record their private key code. This and other ‘cold storage’ solutions are impenetrable to hacks but are also totally impractical for modern living.”

FC Barcelona superstar and brand ambassador of Sirin Labs, Lionel Messi comments on the blockchain powered smartphone:

“I think security and privacy is the number one priority right now. For everybody, it’s important, because we have all our content, all our lives on mobile phones. Privacy is very important now more than ever, because right now there are lots of hackers, and people can steal your identity or your money.”

Finney is currently available for sale on the Sirin Labs website and will be available on Amazon from January 2019 with a price tag of US$999.

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