KYC in Blockchain

We are living in an increasingly connected world. Digitization is essentially developing operational efficiency for businesses. An initiative has been started by the United Nations, called ‘ID2020’ with the intention of providing every single human on the planet with access to digital identity as a fundamental human right, by the year 2020. There has been... Continue Reading →

How are Banks screwing you over?

The real reason why so many people are willing to adopt cryptocurrency is because of a certain dissatisfaction with existing systems- come to think of it, this is why humans constantly think of reinventing the wheel. To really understand why the wheel needs reinventing, we need to go back to a time without wheels In... Continue Reading →

Blockchain and Banking: The Irony

Blockchain Technology and Banking I noticed a circular trend while conducting research on blockchain’s relationship with banks. While banks and financial services have been affected the most by blockchain technology, they also are the first entities to develop R&D for this technology to evolve in the financial realm. In regards to blockchain and banking, we can... Continue Reading →

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