Privacy-centric Wallet, Samourai, has received $100,000 is its first round of funding

The team behind Samourai Wallet, a privacy-centric Bitcoin app, has received its first round of venture funding. Keonne Rodriguez and William Hill, founders of Samourai Wallet and former developers at, along with the wallet’s maintainer, Katana Cryptographic, received $100,000 in investment from Cyberpunk Holdings. The app was build for Android users and was specifically... Continue Reading →

Tether: The least transparent or customer-centric Stablecoin

Stablecoins Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency set the stage for massive disruption in banking and finance by providing an efficient and improved payments system which is said to be secure, transparent and fast with decentralization being the forefront - the absence of middlemen or regulatory authorities in the network. However, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are digital... Continue Reading →

Jamaica: Principal Stock Exchange partners with Canadian Fintech Firm to enable Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions

Jamaica is the latest country slated to include Bitcoin into its principal stock exchange, the Jamaican Stock Exchange, further blurring the lines between crypto and mainstream assets. Boerse Stuttgard, Germany’s second largest stock exchange is expected to launch cryptocurrency exchange in the second quarter of 2019. Last year, Switzerland’s SIX group, the operator of the... Continue Reading →

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