How do Smart Contracts Work?

What is a Smart Contract? A smart contract can be described as a protocol based on a computer code that is intended to digitally facilitate, verify and/or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract on the parties to the transaction. Transactions that take place via smart contracts are trackable, irreversible and enforceable without the... Continue Reading →

Germany; Govt. consulting with industry experts for its National Blockchain Strategy

The EU might become the leader of the blockchain world in the coming future. With countries like Malta and Switzerland embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, other countries within the continent are also following suit. Last week, Luxemburg passed a bill providing a legal framework for securities issued over blockchains. In December 2018, the island nation... Continue Reading →

Japan: Country’s largest bank launching Blockchain payments network in 2020

While many countries around the world had previously taken a strong stance against cryptocurrencies (although many have, and are reconsidering their skepticism), a few countries acknowledged the benefits that distributed ledger technology in blockchain and cryptocurrencies could have on economies around the world. Among those few countries is Japan, with the most progressive regulatory climate... Continue Reading →

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