Cryptocurrency Legalization in Ukraine by 2021

Slowly, more and more countries are set to legalize cryptocurrencies. The next is Ukraine... Ukraine has announced that it will legalize cryptocurrency and has unveiled a path for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade are beginning the process for the legalization of virtual assets, an endeavor that is projected to... Continue Reading →

‘We Should Not Scurry to Keep Pace With Fintech’ – CFTC Commissioner

A newly elected commissioner at U.S. regulator the Commodity Futures Trading Commission(CFTC) stated that fintech – including blockchain and cryptocurrency – should be handled with an “open mind” during a speech on Oct. 25. Rostin Behnam revealed he had spent much of that time focusing on issues related to disruptive fintech. “I am surprised by the amount of time I spent examining issues related to bitcoin,... Continue Reading →

What Happens When A Company Releases An ICO

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is similar to the working process of an IPO, however, it is a mechanism by which cryptocurrency companies sell their tokens in exchange for bitcoin, ether, ripple and other digital cryptocurrencies. ICOs are a relatively new concept that came about after the release of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology and... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Women Influencing the Crypto Industry

Gender equality has been one of the major talking points in today's world. Women who have always been involved in many industries are finally getting the recognition they deserve. One industry where the power of females has not yet been appreciated is the Crypto industry. Women have taken part in various roles, ranging from founding... Continue Reading →

Rise to use Artificial Intelligence in the Crypto Markets

Rise, a FinTech company is working to eliminate the volatility of cryptocurrencies by adapting its artificial intelligence (AI) trading technology to the crypto markets. This will let users manage their investments and trade across dozens of exchanges. Since its launch, Rise claims its technology has been “proven to outperform major markets.” The German-based firm which began in... Continue Reading →

Binance Expands Operations By Launching Its First Fiat-Crypto Exchange In Uganda

CEO and founder of Binance, Changpeng Zhao announced that the major international fiat-to-crypto exchange will open in Uganda this week, the company reveals Monday, Oct. 15. The press release states that the branch will soon start accepting deposits and withdrawals of Ugandan shillings and continues to say that Binance Uganda has already begun its know-your-customer (KYC) procedures. Uganda has shown... Continue Reading →

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