First Cross-Blockchain trading between EOS and Ethereum

Bancor, the decentralized liquidity network, announced that it had completed its partnership with EOS to provide cross-blockchain token swaps. While the announcement was originally made in September, Bancor has not expanded on to the EOS blockchain using its decentralized application BancorX, with the intention of allowing users to convert between Ethereum and EOS-based tokens -... Continue Reading →

What Happens When A Company Releases An ICO

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is similar to the working process of an IPO, however, it is a mechanism by which cryptocurrency companies sell their tokens in exchange for bitcoin, ether, ripple and other digital cryptocurrencies. ICOs are a relatively new concept that came about after the release of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology and... Continue Reading →

Digital Collectibles: CryptoKitties

You’ve probably heard of cryptocurrencies, but CryptoKitties are crypto-collectibles. They’re like digital beanie babies or baseball cards. It sounds silly, but the concept of CryptoKitties is testing a profound idea. Can a digital good be rare? Every fifteen minutes, Axiom Zen releases a new CryptoKitty that only one person can buy. They’ll do that until... Continue Reading →

Oaken Innovations: The Blockchain Powered Vehicle Future

Oaken Innovation Oaken is a blockchain technology company focused on secure IoT applications. In early 2017, Oaken debuted their proof-of-concept, ‘Blockchain Enabled Peer-to-Peer Car Links Application At Consensus’ in New York. This application allows consumers to lease a vehicle from a car owner; using a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, a file storage IPFS,... Continue Reading →

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