Hong Kong: 2nd Largest Commercial Port to Accelerate Shipping using Blockchain

Prior to digitalization, the international shipping industry's information systems had used paper for legal documents, and electronic data was transmitted via electronic data interchange (EDI) - a 60-year-old technology that doesn't represent real-time data information. To address this issue, blockchain is here to revolutionize the supply chain management. Integrating blockchain into supply chain doesn’t need... Continue Reading →

The Burst of the 2017 Bitcoin Bubble

The bitcoin bubble burst of 2017 was upbeat. It was the time before Christmas, 2017 when Bitcoin seemed unstoppable. Investors saw the digital currency boom and moved to Bitcoin hoping to gain maximum profit from its sudden popularity. But then, suddenly the storm came that burst the bubble of bitcoin that was developed until then. In... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Digital Asset partner up for Blockchain trials

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) and Digital Asset, a distributed ledger startup have teamed up to explore and develop a blockchain platform for post-trade processing. The reason for this is HKEX Northbound Stock Connect program. HKEX said that it was looking to follow the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in installing settlement transactions on a blockchain-based platform. Digital Asset is also developing that platform as... Continue Reading →

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