Saudi Arabia: World’s first Blockchain-tracked Cargo shipped to Rotterdam

In December 2018, Maersk and IBM partnered together to form TradeLens, a blockchain-based shipping solution for increased efficiency, transparency and security of global trade. Saudi customs, on Monday, reported that they successfully shipped their first blockchain-tracked shipment. All details and documents regarding shipping were handled through Fasah, an exclusive shipment tracking portal built by Saudi... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong: 2nd Largest Commercial Port to Accelerate Shipping using Blockchain

Prior to digitalization, the international shipping industry's information systems had used paper for legal documents, and electronic data was transmitted via electronic data interchange (EDI) - a 60-year-old technology that doesn't represent real-time data information. To address this issue, blockchain is here to revolutionize the supply chain management. Integrating blockchain into supply chain doesn’t need... Continue Reading →

Vitalik Buterin: Capitalizing the hype around Blockchain leads to doom

While the blockchain technology is at its infancy, it seems the developing digital economy will continue to garner adoption and find its place in everyday usage. With emerging regulations and institutional solutions on their way, it’s evident the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors are maturing towards legitimacy. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is undoubtedly an industry leader... Continue Reading →

The Wolf of Crypto Street – Blockchain Developers

The technology behind cryptocurrency - blockchain - has swept across the globe. The benefits of using this technology have proven to be endless. Many companies are flocking to implement this decentralized, distributed ledger technology. The reason for this widespread popularity can be attributed to the core idea of Blockchain, that is, once information is entered into... Continue Reading →

Can Blockchain Be Used To End World Poverty?

Since 2015, approximately 10-11% of the worlds population lives on less than $1.90 per day which is the bare minimum a human being can survive on without dying of starvation or any related causes. This percentage consists of more than 600-700 million people worldwide from predominantly underdeveloped or developing countries. The United Nations and many... Continue Reading →

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