The Wolf of Crypto Street – Blockchain Developers

The technology behind cryptocurrency - blockchain - has swept across the globe. The benefits of using this technology have proven to be endless. Many companies are flocking to implement this decentralized, distributed ledger technology. The reason for this widespread popularity can be attributed to the core idea of Blockchain, that is, once information is entered into... Continue Reading →

Can Blockchain Be Used To End World Poverty?

Since 2015, approximately 10-11% of the worlds population lives on less than $1.90 per day which is the bare minimum a human being can survive on without dying of starvation or any related causes. This percentage consists of more than 600-700 million people worldwide from predominantly underdeveloped or developing countries. The United Nations and many... Continue Reading →

How can blockchain disrupt the insurance industry

Technological advances in the 21st century have transformed global industries on an unprecedented level, causing the rise and fall of many large corporations. However, this disruption has not extended to the multi-trillion dollar insurance business, which has more or less stagnated. While there have been minor changes recently, most of these are negligible and only... Continue Reading →

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