Why Exchanges have Two-Factor Authentication?

How important is security? The answer is obvious—it is extremely important. We take a lot of care while securing our possessions—both online and offline. Using a strong password, making sure the data is being sent to a trusted service provider, installing anti-virus softwares — these are usually the steps people take to make sure their... Continue Reading →

How can blockchain disrupt the insurance industry

Technological advances in the 21st century have transformed global industries on an unprecedented level, causing the rise and fall of many large corporations. However, this disruption has not extended to the multi-trillion dollar insurance business, which has more or less stagnated. While there have been minor changes recently, most of these are negligible and only... Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency Theft Insurance

Cryptocurrency Investment O Nooooooo, Hackers are hatching malicious plans, conspiracies to acquire your hard-earned digital currency. Don't worry we at Bank of Hodlers are equipped with the most advanced anti-theft insurance system. Cryptocurrency Theft Nearly 438 bitcoins worth over  $2.7M were stolen from a leading exchange firm in India in what is being called as the... Continue Reading →

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