$571 Million in Cryptos Stolen By North Korean Hacking Group Lazarus

Lazarus, a notorious North Korean hacking group stole over half a billion dollars in cryptocurrencies as the report indicates. Lazarus was behind 14 hacks on crypto exchanges since January 2017, reaping a massive $571 million from the attacks. Officials in South Korea said in February that North Korean hackers likely stole tens of millions of dollars' worth in cryptocurrencies in... Continue Reading →

FinTech Firm Completes Ripple Blockchain API Payment in First Cross Border Payment

A Malaysian FinTech startup, approved by the central bank, that specializes in international money transfers has completed its first cross-border transfer on RippleNet- Ripple's enterprise blockchain platform that uses an API solution. Kuala Lumpur-based MoneyMatch has completed its first cross-border blockchain transaction with a payment from Malaysia to Spain, according to a local report from... Continue Reading →

Binance Expands Operations By Launching Its First Fiat-Crypto Exchange In Uganda

CEO and founder of Binance, Changpeng Zhao announced that the major international fiat-to-crypto exchange will open in Uganda this week, the company reveals Monday, Oct. 15. The press release states that the branch will soon start accepting deposits and withdrawals of Ugandan shillings and continues to say that Binance Uganda has already begun its know-your-customer (KYC) procedures. Uganda has shown... Continue Reading →

10% surge in Ripple and Ethereum

The prices of Ripple and Ethereum surged by more than 10 percent in the past five minutes, without prior announcements or developments being made in the last 12 hours. This surge happened despite the lack of momentum of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Investors are skeptical towards the sudden increase in prices of both cryptocurrencies, as a... Continue Reading →

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