3000% Increase in Cryptocurrencies since 2013

CoinMarketCap, the leading provider of cryptocurrency data, listed its 2,000th crypto asset this month with the addition of Labh Coin (LABH). This milestone states that there have never been more cryptocurrencies in existence than now. As of now there are 2,112 cryptocurrencies tracked by the data site, the most trafficked according to data from Alexa.com. This... Continue Reading →

Rise to use Artificial Intelligence in the Crypto Markets

Rise, a FinTech company is working to eliminate the volatility of cryptocurrencies by adapting its artificial intelligence (AI) trading technology to the crypto markets. This will let users manage their investments and trade across dozens of exchanges. Since its launch, Rise claims its technology has been “proven to outperform major markets.” The German-based firm which began in... Continue Reading →

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