Why Exchanges have Two-Factor Authentication?

How important is security? The answer is obvious—it is extremely important. We take a lot of care while securing our possessions—both online and offline. Using a strong password, making sure the data is being sent to a trusted service provider, installing anti-virus softwares — these are usually the steps people take to make sure their... Continue Reading →

Are Cold Wallets Really Safe?

Cold storage is an offline wallet for personal storage of Bitcoins. The digital wallet is stored on a platform that isn't connected to the internet thus preventing cyber attacks or any such vulnerabilities. It is considered essential mainly due to its security precautions, especially when dealing with a large quantum of Bitcoins. The function of... Continue Reading →

How Cryptocurrency will change the World

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is electronic money stored in e-wallets or computer files, that is transferred and tracked using blockchain technology. This technology tracks every update, or transfer in a chronological manner. The information is stored cryptically so that anyone can access it. However, existing data cannot be changed. Cryptocurrency is becoming well known and more... Continue Reading →

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