Smart Contract Platforms

Smart Contracts have been all the rage ever since they first appeared on the radar of techies around the world. They were both very exciting and quite mysterious as a lot of their potential hadn’t been tapped into. This made them a mainstay on thousands of tech, especially crypto, forums all over the world. But... Continue Reading →

How do Smart Contracts Work?

What is a Smart Contract? A smart contract can be described as a protocol based on a computer code that is intended to digitally facilitate, verify and/or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract on the parties to the transaction. Transactions that take place via smart contracts are trackable, irreversible and enforceable without the... Continue Reading →

Jack Ma led Alibaba files Patent for Blockchain Technology System

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has filed a patent with the USPTO ( U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)  in order to secure the rights to the blockchain-based system that allows a third-party administrator to intervene in a smart contract in case of illegal activities. The patent filed in March describes a blockchain-powered transaction method that enables authorized parties to freeze or... Continue Reading →

Oaken Innovations: The Blockchain Powered Vehicle Future

Oaken Innovation Oaken is a blockchain technology company focused on secure IoT applications. In early 2017, Oaken debuted their proof-of-concept, ‘Blockchain Enabled Peer-to-Peer Car Links Application At Consensus’ in New York. This application allows consumers to lease a vehicle from a car owner; using a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, a file storage IPFS,... Continue Reading →

Can Ethereum Smart Contracts make trading more efficient?

As financial transactions grew more and more complicated, experts became increasingly divided about how contracts could be executed more efficiently. In a business scenario where trust is a rarity, opposing views were formed on how this could be achieved. In 2015, a young programmer called Vitalik Buterin had a brainwave, and Ethereum was born. Ethereum is an open-ended, decentralized, distributed... Continue Reading →

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