The Wolf of Crypto Street – Blockchain Developers

The technology behind cryptocurrency - blockchain - has swept across the globe. The benefits of using this technology have proven to be endless. Many companies are flocking to implement this decentralized, distributed ledger technology. The reason for this widespread popularity can be attributed to the core idea of Blockchain, that is, once information is entered into... Continue Reading →

Blockchain Settlement Trials Successful – German Central Bank

The trial of blockchain based settlement technology research or Blockbaster which commenced in 2016 has been successfully completed. It was started by the central bank of Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank, and securities marketplace organizer Deutsche Boerse (DB). The joint research conducted, achieved its goal of testing on blockchain, the full lifecycle of bond issuance, settlement, corporate actions, and redemption, as well as... Continue Reading →

Year Long Ban For New Cryptocurrency Mining Operations in Ephrata, Washington

Crypto mining operations have become increasingly popular with cities like Ephrata with cheap electricity sources. However, the growth of crypto mining developments in Ephrata has created some inconveniences for the residents. Many have reported a lack of electricity due to the operation of the high energy-consuming cooling equipment by the local crypto miners. The decision for the suspension was... Continue Reading →

R3 Commercial Blockchain Solution Launched In Thailand By Accenture

A joint venture between global behemoth Accenture and Digital Ventures, a Fintech subsidiary of Thai financial services conglomerate Slam Commercial Bank was announced for the jointly developed blockchain solution using R3‘s open-source Corda blockchain protocol which will make commercial operations in Thailand more efficient and revamp the process of making and receiving payments and accessing finance. The platform... Continue Reading →

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