A Pirate Bay Torrent: Swapping Crypto Wallet Addresses

A recently discovered strain of malware is targeting crypto holders who use Windows machines. The malware commands a chain of activities to inject code into Firefox, Yandex Search and Google browsers, eventually swapping Bitcoin or Ethereum addresses. As reported by cybersecurity publication Bleeping Computer, a security researcher named 0xffff0800 found out an odd-looking file after he... Continue Reading →

New Zealand Crypto Exchange ‘Cryptopia’ suffers a “Security Breach”

The first hack of 2019 for the Crypto community has broken out in just 2 weeks since the start of the year. New Zealand Crypto Exchange, Cryptopia announced on Twitter that they had 'suffered a security breach' on January 14th by posting a letter addressed to the Cryptopians. https://twitter.com/Cryptopia_NZ/status/1085084168852291586 Investigations regarding the breach are being... Continue Reading →

Why Exchanges have Two-Factor Authentication?

How important is security? The answer is obvious—it is extremely important. We take a lot of care while securing our possessions—both online and offline. Using a strong password, making sure the data is being sent to a trusted service provider, installing anti-virus softwares — these are usually the steps people take to make sure their... Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency Theft Insurance

Cryptocurrency Investment O Nooooooo, Hackers are hatching malicious plans, conspiracies to acquire your hard-earned digital currency. Don't worry we at Bank of Hodlers are equipped with the most advanced anti-theft insurance system. Cryptocurrency Theft Nearly 438 bitcoins worth over $2.7M were stolen from a leading exchange firm in India in what is being called the biggest... Continue Reading →

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