Triip: Vietnam-based Startup is Reshaping the Future of Travel Industry

The holiday season is already upon us, and everyone is slowly going on a vacation. Hotel websites and online travel agencies have already begun providing attractive discounts to customers. Now, Blockchain is about to take over the hotel-booking market entirely by giving it a new approach by providing an affordable and efficient platform for both hotel and customers.

Triip, a Ho Chi Minh City-based travel impact company announces its new payment network that has two new blockchain currency options.

The company claims that it’s the first time ever a travel booking platform features blockchain currencies. Targeting the upcoming mid-December, Triip’s visitors will be able to book their travels with Ethereum, followed by a new currency of Tomochain called TOMO by the end of the month.

Addressing the Protocol, Hai Ho, the CEO of Triip said:

“Within Triip as well as in the blockchain world at large, big things are happening. We’re glad that we are on this ride.”

Triip has been around for four years now and has been open to innovations as can be seen with their move in adopting blockchain. The reason the company has TOMO currency is also due to the company’s support towards Tomochain’s recent Mainnet launch for TOMO and its partnership with the cryptocurrency.

Integrating Blockchain will make travel inexpensive and efficient. The smart contract protocol automates the process for documentation and therefore, the marketplace will become more reliable and transparent.

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