Two ex-Coinbase executives join Facebook

Two former Coinbase executives have joined the compliance team of social media giant, Facebook.

Jeff Cartwright and Mikheil Moucharrafie joined the social media company as the policy and compliance manager and compliance officer, respectively.

A veteran in the blockchain industry, Cartwright spent a bulk of the last five years at Coinbase, joining as a compliance manager in 2014 and working his way up to the head of internal audit. Later, he became the company’s director to head the company’s regulatory risk and exams department. He held the post until leaving, this year.

He worked as an AML consultant at KPMG, prior to joining Coinbase, with experience working in the same field at Goldman Sachs and American Express.

Moucharrafie joined Coinbase as a support analyst in 2015. He continued working at Coinbase as an AML/BSA investigator before being promoted to the position of compliance manager in 2017.

Mark Zuckerberg recently dropped hints of his increasing interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, with many reports highlighting the company’s crypto-initiatives. Facebook is secretly building its own blockchain research team under its vice president and former Coinbase board member, David Marcus.

The social media giant is also working on developing its own cryptocurrency and is considering launching across all its social media platforms in Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

A crypto payments service called ‘Libra’ is also being secretly developed by Facebook.

This article was originally sourced from the FinanceMagnates.


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