UCLA: Launching the first Accredited Blockchain Engineering Course

As per LinkedIn’s 2018 Emerging Jobs Report, Blockchain Developers tops the list for emerging jobs with a 33% growth. This signals a high demand by commercial industries to develop DLT-based solutions thus urging universities to feature blockchain courses to their curriculum. It’s a challenging role to teach and equip the next generation of crypto engineers to meet the ever-increasing demand for the technology. 

One of the leading colleges in the United States, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is gearing up to offer its first blockchain engineering course. The course will be led by Professor John D. Villasenor, a professor of management, electrical and electronics engineering, and public policy. The initiative is supported by MouseBelt, a turnkey blockchain & ICO accelerator.

In an email to CCN, Patrick McLain, Chief Operations Officer at MouseBelt, stated:

“While the market is scary right now, we believe the future is bright. No better way to invest in the future than investing in the youth. For us, this is only the beginning of building the bright future ahead through our University Program.”

The course will be an upper-division elective requirement that is open to students of electrical, computer engineering and computer science as a 4-credit special topic course. It will include topics such as an overview of blockchain-related concepts, Ethereum, decentralized apps (dApps), crypto tokens, smart contracts, hash functions, and many more.

Around three weeks ago, the University of Tokyo had also announced that they would be offering a DLT course at its graduate engineering department. This course was funded thanks to the Ethereum Foundation and banking giant Sumimoto Mitsui.

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