UNICEF France: Cryptocurrencies for Humanitarian Activities

UNICEF France made an announcement that it will now accept donations in cryptocurrencies. The body will accept nine cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash – in a drive to expand its circle of donors.

Well-wishers will be able to make donations by mining six cryptocurrencies directly to UNICEF France’s Wallet, with the exception of non-mineable cryptocurrencies; namely Ripple, EOS and Stellar.

UNICEF Australia borrowed the concept of donating computer power for mining cryptocurrencies in April, as reported by CCN. The mining was conducted by visiting a website called ‘HopePage’- set up for specifically mining Monero, in the case of UNICEF Australia.

UNICEF France made the decision to accept cryptocurrency donations nine months after the success of a campaign known as GameChaingers in February 2018- where an initiative was launched by the global UNICEF body to help children in war-torn Syria by asking gamers to contribute their computing resources to mine cryptocurrency.

The initiative was focused on mining Ethereum where all that donors had to do was to install the Claymore mining software. An amount of 85 ETH had been mined by the time the campaign ended on March 31st.

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