University of Bahrain to issue digital diplomas on Bitcoin Blockchain

The Middle East has been one of the few regions in the world that is gearing towards the blockchain and crypto industry with advances already seen in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Bahrain seems to be another country also encouraging their young ones to move into the blockchain space.

The University of Bahrain (UOB) will become one of the first universities globally to issue digital diplomas anchored to the BTC blockchain using the Blockcerts open standard, in partnership with Learning machine startup.

Blockcerts is a global, open standard for creating, issuing, viewing, and verifying any type of official record using a blockchain as a secure anchor of trust. This Learning Machine Issuing System enables governments, corporations, and educational institutions to issue Blockcerts at scale.

University of Bahrain president, Professor Riyad Hamzah, explained the rationale for using the Learning Machine platform for academic records:

“We at UOB are delighted to be the trailblazers in using blockchain in the Mena region in order to better serve our students. Students will have their own digital file, which means that they or indeed their employers will not have to wait for us to validate their credentials. As Bahrain positions itself as a technology first country and makes significant progress towards the national 2030 economic vision, I am excited that UOB is playing its role as a pioneer of blockchain and as the regional leader in embracing technology to better serve the country.”

The Blockcerts development team explained:

“Blockcerts provides a decentralized credentialing system. The Bitcoin blockchain acts as the provider of trust, and credentials are tamper-resistant and verifiable. Use blockcerts in the context of academic, professional, and workforce credentialing.”

On the flipside, the university’s blockchain initiative is part of an overall digitization strategy for mobile learners.

Previously, Blockcerts solution is also used by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which was one of the first to use the DLT for the issuance of diplomas.

Also, the University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA) has also joined the space by offering the first accredited blockchain engineering course.

About University:

The University of Bahrain is the largest public university in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is the only national university in the country. With campuses in Sakhir, Isa Town and Manama, the university has more than 20,000 registered students and over 2000 staff members.

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